Via the three-step approach, our approach is aimed at ‘permanent change’ with the ‘development of behaviour and skills’ as the basis. After all, achieving permanent performance improvement is a major challenge for many organisations. When this improvement is not accomplished, it is usually because people are not successful in performing an in-depth analysis of the cause and effect, or are unable to achieve the fundamental behavioural change by means of the correct management steering.

  1. What do our (potential) clients miss when our organisation is not involved?
  2. Which processes do our clients come into contact with; what progresses well in this respect and what does not progress well yet (fact-based)?
  3. How can we guarantee our clients that they will think and act commercially, in the best way possible, and what is needed in order to achieve this?
  4. What adds value in each action and what does not (do so yet)?
  5. To conclude, how can we formulate an approach for a visible change / optimisation that is supported by everyone and in which everyone participates actively?
  6. Also see: what is not allowed to change?

The second step

  1. For management and employees: the information that must be obtained from client- and employee satisfaction surveys, conversion to specific improvement objectives and key performance indicators.
  2. For sales: the cycle from prospecting to client relations, turnover development and margin improvement. From simply product-oriented selling to ‘solution selling’.

The third step

  1. Working together on the desired result. This calls for a coaching style of leadership, management and communication.
  2. If necessary, on three levels: reorienting strategy, redesigning processes and systems in a culture in which all parties are involved with heart and soul.
  3. Éducation permanente: the will to excel. This calls for timely sharing of knowledge and experience and – as is the case in top sports – training of the desired skills.
  4. Consistently continuing to measure, share and guarantee progress and Business Impact.

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