Sales training

Sales training

From acquisition to shutdown

Sound product- and market knowledge is extremely important, but this alone is no longer enough if you want to be successful in sales. Commercial representatives of this day and age must also be top professionals in terms of behaviour. 

‘Those who don’t train hard, can never be good at the game’

The working environment of commercial representatives is more complicated than ever. In other words, a salesperson must also have excellent sales qualities, in addition to product knowledge. The sales training programme will cover all aspects relevant to the sales profession for 2016: from prospecting right up to the closing of the deal. The style and approach of the training is demanding and will be confrontational. Your commercial representatives will already be more competitive after the first day of training!

The results

  1. Measurable commercial success!
  2. Focus and awareness of your own behaviour and the impact thereof on others.   
  3. The ability to get more out of existing relationships.
  4. Enhanced assessment of requirements. 
  5. Effectiveness in influencing clients.
  6. Improved presentation skills.
  7. Style flexibility during negotiations.
  8. From product selling to ‘solution’ selling.
  9. Better handling of objections and complaints.
  10. Increased ‘sport’ satisfaction.

Target group

Commercial external and internal service representatives, product- and account managers. Managers with a sales portfolio and buyers with a need for exemplary ‘sales’ behaviour and -insight. 


  • 5 minutes on preparation;
  • 10 minutes on practical simulation;
  • 25 minutes on feedback and practice of new behaviour;
  • 40,000 minutes in actual practice.

‘Sound preparation, discipline, practice, practice, practice and then performing to the maximum! For each important discussion I think of the trainer...’

Annemiek Mikkers, Sodexo Manager New Business Development

Interest piqued?

Are you interested to learn whether this programme meets your objectives? Feel free to contact us for an initial interview via the contact form or simply contact Rob van Westing.

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