How does one create a positive working environment and how is one able to anticipate in a timely fashion in difficult situations? The answer: by focusing on strengths and talents. 

Talent-driven management

This implies that you learn to lead the organisation or team, based on the strengths and talents of the people around you. You learn to give effective feedback on the pitfalls and allergies of your colleagues. Your coaching and direction will enable colleagues to become more effective and more self-sufficient.

The results

  1. Initiating and controlling changes.
  2. Enhanced form of delegation; utilisation of colleagues based on their talents and fewer instances of ‘monkey management’.
  3. Communicating and influencing effectively.
  4. Successful ‘public speaking’.
  5. More effective work meetings.
  6. The ability to make and communicate difficult decisions.
  7. High quality in performance management.
  8. Enhanced motivation of colleagues.
  9. The ability to manage stress and learning to distance yourself.
  10. Increased job satisfaction.

Target group

Directors, senior managers and managers. Superiors who dare to scrutinise their personal style and who believe that the true success of a manager comprises the growth and engagement of the team.


  • 5 minutes on preparation;
  • 10 minutes on practical simulation;
  • 25 minutes on feedback and practice of new behaviour;
  • 40,000 minutes in actual practice.

‘This training has helped me to do my work in less time, with a greater degree of quality……’

Arie van Vliet Director Jochem voor ogen

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