Open training

Open training

Training building

Phased programmes with roughly one training day per 3 to 5 weeks. In the periods between training days, the participants continue with specific, self-formulated assignments, to apply the trained skills in actual practice and to experience the impact. In daily application, in particular, participants learn the step from theory to actual practice, and the embedding of such in the context of their own working environment.

  • 5 minutes on preparation;
  • 10 minutes on practical simulation;
  • 25 minutes on feedback and practice of new behaviour;
  • 40,000 minutes in actual practice.

Action learning

The learning method in this programme is:

  • Awareness;
  • Consideration based on attitude;
  • Learning skills;
  • Implementation, discipline and perseverance.

In the training the participants represent themselves, receive direct feedback, practice practical simulations, are introduced to action-learning didactics and also work actively on ‘show how’ instead of ‘know how’.


How does one create a positive working environment and how is one able to anticipate in a timely fashion in difficult situations? The answer: by focusing on strengths and talents. 

Sales training

Sound product- and market knowledge is extremely important, but this alone is no longer enough if you want to be successful in sales. Commercial representatives of this day and age must also be top professionals in terms of behaviour.