Boerenwijsheden; de Librije als learning center (English: Farmers’ wisdom; De Librije as a learning centre)

Boerenwijsheden; de Librije als learning center (English: Farmers’ wisdom; De Librije as a learning centre)

How do they do it at the Librije ?

This is a unique management book, written by Tjeerd den Boer and Niels van Rees, in close collaboration with Jonnie and Thérèse Boer of top restaurant De Librije in Zwolle. Besides being a partner at Business Impact Training, Tjeerd den Boer is also a friend of Jonnie and Thérèse. Niels van Rees has worked in the high-tech industry for many years and was given the unique opportunity during a sabbatical to experience for himself how Jonnie’s kitchen is able to perform at such a high level on a daily basis. Tjeerd and Niels combined their knowledge and expertise, to answer the question: ‘How do you perform at the very highest level on a daily basis?’

The manner in which both authors used by HPO framework to analyse top restaurant De Librije, is magnificent, and provides many insights, for the food lover and for the HPO expert. Well done!

Dr. Andre de Waal MBA.  Academisch director of the HPO-Center. Associate professor at Maastricht School of Management.

Performing at the very highest level on a daily basis

Full attention for every table, every guest, every meal and every detail seem to have been perfected to an art at De Librije – and despite this, the processes appear deceptively simple, almost routine. How do they do this in Zwolle? How can they achieve such top performance on a daily basis, and top performance which runs so smoothly? Not to mention, they are one of the 28 restaurants around the world to have received the Michelin acknowledgement for 10 consecutive years, with the highest number of three stars?

7 tastes, 7 leadership qualities

In Boerenwijsheden (Farmers’ wisdom) we first chat with the flavour makers at De Librije. We unravel the thoughts and experiences of Jonnie and Thérèse based on the seven Librije tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, umami, fatty and 3D. These tastes are a metaphor for the behaviour that leads to success and tasteful management lessons.

This is not your typical management book, but rather conveys 25 years of Boerenwijsheden which have been proven in a High Performance Organisation. In order to understand the exceptional performance, you must taste and absorb the atmosphere behind the scenes of De Librije. Boerenwijsheden takes you closer than ever before.