Tjeerd den Boer


Tjeerd’s profile features two fascinating sides: talent-driven learning and performance-driven learning. Tjeerd came up with our name whilst talking to a client. The client said: ‘You make an impact on our business! That is the effect when you train my employees.’ So the name was born... Business Impact Training. It motivates me to this very day, to enable our clients’ results to grow. The results on the floor are visible after a training programme, and so are the effects on our turnover and margin.

"Consider me a company pilot. I co-pilot in the cockpit of my clients, to assist with difficult ‘take-offs’, heavy loads and directional changes."




Dutch, English and German.

Important projects

  • ANWB Retail Great place to work award 2014
  • Apple Premium Resellers
  • DSM 
  • Wecovi

Relevant education

  • Higher vocational education at a sports academy (USA and Windesheim).
  • Marine Corps officer training. 

Typical Tjeerd: talent-driven, energetic and motivating.

Author of Boerenwijsheden