Niall Foster

  • Trainer


An interim-consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach with global experience. Extensive experience in working with organisations to define and supply a communal mindset or culture (with them). With the aid of sequential follow-up, he brings about a new evolution in personal behaviour, attitudes, convictions and actions.




English and German.

Important projects

As an interim-consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach, he has implemented various projects in various disciplines:
Legal practice (Allen & Overy / Wolf Theiss), financial services (La Salle Investment Management), production, retail (Panasonic Europe), government, oil & gas, IT & Telecom (Cisco Systems), education, engineering / construction / management, utility companies and transport.

Relevant education

BA (Hons) Economics / MSc Organisational Development.

Niall’s key points: leader, active and passionate.