Martin Capelle

  • Trainer


Martin considers the development of a long-term relationship self-evident. He started his career as a professional officer in the German Navy. It was during this period that Martin developed his leadership skills. When he left the Navy he joined an international trade organisation where he was responsible for the direct- and wholesale sales as a commercial district manager.
In 1995 Martin started his career as a trainer, and to this very day he works as a trainer-coach and consultant, with a great deal of enjoyment and success, in national and international assignments.

In collaboration with Martin, involvement, reliability and continuity form a common thread.




German, English and French.

Important projects

Henkel Schwarzkopf, sales management and sales. 
Siemens AG, sales management & senior sales programmes.
Kondor Wessels, leadership, management, sales & team projects.
Tarkett GmbH, management and sales programmes.
Sanofi Pasteur, culture creation, leadership, management, sales programmes.

Relevant education

Economics, Helmut-Schmidt-University, Hamburg.

Martin’s key points: ‘open mind, open heart and open will.’