Luc Cipers

  • Trainer


Luc Cipers has been active as a trainer, consultant and business coach since 1995. A dynamic trainer and empathic coach who gets participants in motion and keeps them in motion. Luc Cipers has since acquired extensive international experience. Companies in Taiwan, Mexico, the US, the UK, South Africa and various European countries regularly call on his expertise related to sales, management and communication.
Luc - originally a social scientist - has a constant interest in the way in which people communicate with each other. He is convinced that the quality of our communication is proportionate to the degree to which we are successful. His speciality: helping people to develop and utilise their talents and qualities to the best extent possible. 


Improving Human Performance.




French, Dutch and English.

Important projects

Developed a motivational approach based on positive confrontation.
Trained and / or coached more than 14,000 professionals.
Speaker at various national and international conferences.

Relevant education

Master’s Degree in Social Sciences (K.U. Leuven, Belgium).
Business Economics (K.U. Leuven).
Certified Business Consultant (Techniques For Change, London).

Luc’s key points: dynamic, emphatic and motivating.