Judith Krom

  • Trainer


Judith knows how to get the participants moving thanks to her enthusiastic and motivating attitude. From a genuine interest in the concerning person, she knows how to create change, resulting in more effectiveness and success in professional actions.
Humour and empathy are indispensable and an integral part of her training. In addition, she is positively critical and result-oriented.
Judith has extensive experience in retail, as an entrepreneur, in the field of management and sales.

When you are able to make changes and dare to take risks: that is where the magic happens.




Dutch and English.

Important projects

AkzoNobel, sales boost training.

Relevant education

Professional Coach, Innovative Trainer, Professional Think Trainer - Academy for Innovative Training, Arnhem. 

Typical Judith: Enthusiastic and result-oriented, always with a good sense of humour.