Ilse Niesink


Ilse specialises in providing commercial training programmes in which the mentality change of the individual and / or organisation is central. She knows how to get to the person behind the professional, in an enthusiastic and driven manner. She combines a businesslike approach with a personal approach. Ilse herewith inspires and motivates her participants, on a daily basis, to become more successful, to act more effectively and to achieve better results. 

As a trainer, coach and consultant, Ilse has experience with commercial organisations and the semi-public sector.




Dutch and English.

Important projects

  • Akzo Nobel, sales boost training.
  • TSM Business School, Business Development.
  • Randstad Uitzendbureau - specialty Finance, new proposition development.

Relevant education

  • Post HBO Management traineeship - Fast Forward.
  • Commercial Economics - Saxion Hogeschool in Enschede.

Typical Ilse: connecting, result-oriented and positive criticism.