Antonie de Kok


Antonie has worked in various sales positions within ICT after studying business administration for many years, including at Cisco Systems and Apple. Within Apple, he was responsible for the Apple Premium Reseller Retail formula in which he primarily focused on the ultimate customer experience in the store.
In addition to his sales drive, he has a passion for working with people and helping them get the best out of themselves. He is a qualified coach and counselor. In this way, he combines sharp analysis of problems and opportunities by use of the right tools to help people change and develop permanently.

Failure is a success if you learn from it.




Dutch and English.

Important projects

  • Intervention coaching assignments
  • AKZO Nobel
  • JT International
  • Sweco - BRP

Relevante education

  • HBO Business Administration.
  • Stressmanagement CCC PROFESSIONAL.
  • Stressmanagement CCC SENIOR.

Typical Antonie: analytical, direct and people-oriented.