Alastair McIvor

  • Trainer


Expertise in Global multicultural training and consulting.
Twenty years of experience in sales training. 
Specialised sector experience in IT and pharmaceuticals.
Experience in sports psychology and health education.
Has given training in all continents and in over 30 countries.





Important projects

Three-year project at Cisco in Sales management and strategy which has received a distinction with the National Training award in London.
Four-year project at Aon, management, coaching and sales.
Six-year project at Redhat developing managers, 1-1 coaching and consultative selling training.
Numerous projects in Pharmaceuticals at Merck, Actelion, J&J, Novartis, UCB and Boston Scientific.
Numerous projects in the IT Sector at SAP, Oracle, Google, Riverbed, Citrix, NYSE and Ericsson.

Relevant education

BA Hons in Sports Science and Health Education.

Alastair’s key points: resolute, passionate and emphatic.