Horesca Nederland

The request

In the market we are facing a declining price / quality spiral. The dwindling number of visitors has caused catering businesses to try to buy cheaper all the time. Wholesalers offer replacement products that are cheaper, but these products are usually inferior in terms of quality. At Horesca we developed a vision for reversing this trend and for actually discussing aspects such as these with entrepreneurs: the better, the more surprising for guests, and the tastier? When eating out at a restaurant, the food should obviously be tastier than your food at home, should it not?

How to convert this vision to sales skills and how to help sales managers to instil synergy in their teams?

The approach

1) Training of coaching- and presentation skills for directors and sales managers. Goal: proclaiming the vision internally, with conviction, and coaching sales managers in the roll-out. 

2) Defining the entire Horesca sales process with the sales managers, from the acquirement of leads up to client relation management following an order.

3) Subsequently teaching the sales manager and representatives, locally per branch, during their sales meeting, to carefully follow all steps learnt. Coaching on the job!

The result

A significant increase in turnover, the mutual collaboration and group dynamics have improved, and the position of the sales manager has strengthened.

"Our best feedback is the feedback from our clients. They appreciate our updated marketing and clearly experience an unequivocal vision. Each ‘sales conversation’ is a joyous occasion."

Leendert Schimmel, Managing Director of Horesca

"There is no greater satisfaction than to truly help entrepreneurs achieve their success."

Dave Vegt, Director of Horesca Horecavo

Would you like more information?

Feel free to contact the key account manager for Horesca: Rob van Westing