The request

The consultants - who are responsible for the implementation of products that are sold - receive training in Customer Intimacy skills. Adobe’s goal is to further enhance the quality of services and in so doing to make an extra commercial contribution to the organisation

"The positive participant responses far exceed the already high expectations. What was learnt can immediately be put to use to your own advantage, at work and in your personal life. The BIT team once again delivered excellent work."

Matthias Starke, Director of Adobe Consulting EMEA

The approach

We trained on how to effectively retrieve information: how can Adobe, in its role as partner, be even more meaningful for its clients and in so doing strengthen the collaboration, as a content expert, how do I see through the eyes of the client, what are potential problems / opportunities, and above all, how can I take the time to question clients to a satisfactory extent and to help them find the right solution. The international teams of consultants received three days of training, two of which consecutive and the third in the form of a reinforcement day a month later. Three months later the participants presented their personal impact and business impact to the organisation.

The line managers also received two days of training on coaching skills, on how to coach and guide the consultants in the training programme. We practised the intake with the consultant, the transition from training days to actual practice, and the consultant’s preparation for the reinforcement day and the evaluation session. We jointly dealt with the importance of the responsibility in the line. 

The result

Consultants are far more aware of their contribution and really enjoy utilising the skills that they’ve learnt: they listen more consciously for opportunities, feel more skilled when dealing with possible client objections, and because of the enhanced questioning procedure, have proven more capable of thinking from the client’s perspective. Listen to Claire....