A mirror to yourself

Our online 361° feedback platform offers you a method for evaluating the performance of an individual in terms of specific competences. The 361° instrument is used as a basis for performance appraisal interviews and coaching.

Growing with 361° feedback

You fill in your self-perception questions and subsequently invite numerous evaluators who have a good idea of your daily performance. These individuals could be colleagues on your same level, or employees, clients or superiors. One’s own impression of your strong or weak points can differ quite substantially from the perception of others. People sometimes list qualities for themselves which others don’t necessarily agree with, or the other way around.

‘You can only make progress once you know what your current position is.’

The most important thing that I have gained through your programme and approach is the “ability to self-reflect”. This started immediately after the results of the 361° analysis were discussed. It was quite confrontational. There was a substantial difference between the way I perceived my own performance and how my environment perceived this in actuality.

The results of the 361° analysis

We provide you with a report with an overview of the various opinions relating to your competences. You can see, per question, how your self-perception differs from the respondents’ opinions. This offers a good tool for actually clarifying your learning objectives for training or coaching.

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